35-feet is Enough

In case you missed it, WERU Dredging Interviews with Amy Browne:

Kim’s  interview    Ron’s  interview

35-feet is Enough in Searsport  by Kim Tucker

Since 2000, the Maine Department of Transportation and the Corps of Engineers have pushed to deepen the channel to Mack Point in Searsport from the congressionally authorized depth of 35-ft. In 2000, they proposed deepening the channel from 35-feet to 37-ft. This proposal was abandoned because of concerns about the devastating impact of dumping 375,000 cubic yards of dredge material (much of it contaminated) on the lobster fishery in Penobscot Bay. Rather than approving the proposed project, on July 26, 2000, Congress passed a Resolution directing the Corps to do a study to determine if any changes to the channel and turn-around in Searsport were needed. In 2013, the Corps released a study proposing to deepen the channel from 35-ft to 40-ft, dredging almost a million cubic yards of material and dumping it into Penobscot Bay ­ in the heart of the most productive lobstering grounds in the State. The Corps claimed


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