Letter to RJ

GAC’s Colter working behind the scenes to block dredge study

I would like to respond to and amplify on Mr. Tony Kulik’s letter to The Republican Journal on March 20, entitled “Port of Dreams.” He unfortunately left out one of the main beneficiaries of the expansion dredging of Searsport Harbor and its Long Cove: GAC Chemical Corp. A fine company, with a good safety record — though a terrible waste erosion control record. That enormous wart on the company’s nose aside, GAC has been a pillar of the community.

So what is GAC CEO David Colter doing ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of bay towns? They want a serious study done before the megadredge gets approved or not. Instead of reaching out to the communities that surround his company’s acres on the shore of Searsport Harbor, CEO Colter seems to be sneaking about behind the scenes, working with distant investors in Bangor — as their bag man at that.

He’s apparently doing his best to get around the the bay’s town governments and lobstermen and their call for a fair look at the megadredge plan.

Shame on you, David! You know the Bangor Action Committee of 50 (AC50) doesn’t care a fig if every last lobster in the bay turns into a thermometer, every square foot of fisher nursery is dredged away and every last fisherman is forced out of Stockton Springs, Searsport, Castine, Islesboro and Belfast as long as AC50’s members get a big piece of the action doing the Biggah Diggah on the bay.

Why is Colter, Searsport resident, Searsport business owner, upstanding community member, now consorting with those dedicated to reducing the quality of life in and around Searsport and all of Penobscot Bay? It is simple. David Colter, it turns out is the treasurer of a part of the Action Committee of 50, the shadowy industrial investment cheerleader squad which crawls out from under its rock every 15 or 20 years to promote heavy industry in the top of Penobscot Bay.

The estuarine brackish mixing area of river and bay is absolutely the worst place to site chronic polluters, for the tainted waters will not only befoul their immediate environments, the businesses would be perfectly placed to pollute the lower river on incoming tides and pollute the mid and outer bay, during outgoing tides. David you clever fellow, what’s got into you?

We have asked him to clean up the legacy acidic waste that is tainting our intertidal flats, some so acidic according to one of Maine’s leading academic experts on coastal acidification, that every speck of organic matter is dissolved out of it. The pH of that mud ought to be slightly above 7. Instead it is slightly below 2 — hot as battery acid!

Since Maine DEP under Goveror Lepage has sworn enmity against every environmental regulation, and DEP’s minions are so meek to GAC, the company appears to believe it is free to burn the bay shellfish with its acid leaking shoreline with no penalty.

For to the Lepage administraton, precaution is for wimps. If GAC head David Colter insists on both continuing to pollute our bay and to push for increased industrialization of this fertile estuary, then he may be joined at the hip with the governor, but he is no friend of Penobscot Bay. Apparently he is only one more in a long row of short term profiteers sitting atop the toxic peninsula his predecessors ruined, doing his part to keep up with their sordid legacy.

What a disappointment!

Ron Huber

Friends of Penobscot Bay



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