Searsport Dredging Reports & Letters

⇒Final  ASSESSMENT OF SEDIMENT CONTAMINANT TESTING PRIOR TO PROPOSED DREDGING OF SEARSPORT HARBOR, MAINE, AND RECOMMENDATIONS  Dr. Kevin M. Yeager, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY

⇒Kevin M. Yeager, Associate Professor CURRICULUM VITAE Federal court’s sediment expert in the pending Mallinckrodt litigation.

⇒Attorney Tucker’s  Letter to the ACOE 8.15.14   RE: Searsport Federal Navigation Project Decision to Proceed with WQC Application Without Completing Updated Sediment Testing That Complies with Court’s Experts’ Criteria and RIM 2004

⇒Attorney Tucker’s Dredging Letter to Corp 7.30.14, RE: Searsport Federal Navigation Project Public Briefing on Yeager Report Analysis of Corps’ Sediment Testing. Reaffirms the conclusions in the Dawson Report that additional sediment testing and further study is required before either the proposed Corps project in Searsport or even maintenance dredging in the Searsport Federal Navigation Project can proceed.

⇒Attorney Tucker’s  Dredging Letter invitation to Corp-DOT 8.13.14  RE: Public Briefing on Yeager Report

⇒Attorney Tucker’s   Letter to Sprague Energy Management  8.29.14  RE: Sprague Dredging Application & Yeager Report

⇒Attorney Tucker’s   Letter to Bangor Region Chamber Commerce 8.26.14 RE: Dredging and News Reports

⇒Attorney Tucker’s Letter to Col Samaris 5-28-2014 changed circumstances

Pen Bay Potmarks as big as the Rose Bowl Working Waterfront 2014

Dawson & Associates Searsport Report, May, 2014


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